Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Heaven Can Wait

I do read more than one blog, but in spite of yesterdays post, I have to note that Byron has finished (for now) his series Heaven: not the end of the World. The sixteenth installement (with links to the previous ones) is here.


byron said...

Thanks again for another link.

How many posts will be in your Tillich series? Sixteen was longer than I initially thought, but you've made it to 32 and show no signs of slowing. How much more of the book is left?

Patrik said...

There are about 420 pages in part III, so the end is in sight. I guess a few more will do.

joey said...

sigh... i have to play catch up, i'm getting behind this Tillich series. and also Byron's heaven series. Both of your series are on my reading plan. So much to read... so little time. so many things to do.