Monday, January 22, 2007

Paul Tillich's Theology of Indie Rock Series

This series is an attempt at applying some aspects of Tillich's theology of art to popular music. The music I have chosen is not particularly indie (what is?), but it sounded good as a title.

In spite of the numerous video-examples, posted lyrical examples and graphics, nothing I have written on this blog has gathered less interest, at least measured in comments... I wonder why this is - maybe the Tillich fans and Indie Rock fans are mutually exclusive groups. :)

Anyway, there are six parts in the series:

  • Part I Gehalt, Inhalt and Form
  • Part II Subjective and Objective attitude, Categorising music
  • Part III Categorising music continued
  • Part IV Some problems
  • Part V "Christian" music
  • Part VI Music and Christian Theology


Sandalstraps said...


I like both Tillich and indie rock, and I also have read your posts with interest. Alas, as happens so rarely in my life, I find that I have absolutely nothing to say on the subject. No words come. You should not take that as a lack of interest, just a lack of interesting things to say.

krystyn said...

What an original idea! Well played out my friend.

Hye said...

This is gorgeous!