Friday, January 26, 2007

Solar Lunar Power Stations

Jonny Greenwood posted this Link on the Radiohead website today. It's a (serious) article about solving the earth's energy problems by building solar power stations on the moon and beaming the energy here as microwaves.

I obviously cannot vouch for the solidity of this research, but since Jonny posted it I think we can trust it. :)

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Solar Power said...

Very good article about solar power via the moon. I became interested in this question not long time ago, but believe usage of solar power has a great future. I think in future we can use solar power not only via moon, but all over the Universe. Space-based solar power could offer a massive improvement over terrestrial solar collection devices because constant exposure to the sun avoids the nighttime periods where terrestrial systems cannot collect solar energy. The ability to constantly gather solar energy would allow a space-based system to avoid safety concerns to other satellites or people on the ground by constantly transmitting energy to Earth at a level that is high enough to be useful but low enough so as not to cause any damage. We just should wait some time untill scientists invent new technology and implement them.