Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Ideas for a Theology of Decline

Well, I am finished! Yesterdays post is the last in what is probably the very first - though very small - systematic theology of the blogosphere (if anyone can direct me to one that beat me to it, please do so, otherwise I claim my place in the history books).

Ok, obiously this isn't even comparable with the Barths and Pannebergs and Tillichs that take up over shelf-space, but this is a new medium and this is about the size adequate for this medium I think.

Also, part of the medium, I think, is the fact that it has been thought out as it was written. In other words, I did not have much of an idea of were it would end up when I started it. I just wanted to explore the idea of theology in the context of a culture in decline. This also means I have dealt quite briefly with some areas of the Christian doctrine (The trinity and Christology come to mind), because the guiding principle has been to treat those areas of the doctrine that are seem relevant in this context.

There has been much discussion of the texts as they have developed. This has been enormously helpful, and this obviously is a real strength of doing theology this way. Thanks to all who have taken their time to read my thoughts. If someone would want to take the time to read the whole thing through and post some thoughts on that, it would be incredibly fun.

Finally, Ill be doing some slight editing of the texts, mainly correcting bad spelling and adding some links forward. I'd like to apologise to my feed subscribers who will get a lot of old posts the coming days.

Anyway, here it is:

Ideas for a theology of Decline

God and Creation
Sin and the Forces of EvilThe Eschatologial Nature of the Faith

The Human Existence and SalvationThe SacramentsThe Church


Weekend Fisher said...

I did a systematic theology awhile back. The first two sections of that post are the ones written as integral parts of that systematic theology. amd the third section is just related theological material.

Meanwhile, the more the merrier!

Patrik said...

Ok, so I have to look for immortality elsewhere! Are there more out there? Ben's is coming along nicely... It is a very worthwhile thing to do, to have to think about almost all parts of hte doctrine, I highly recommend it!

Aaron G said...


Joey said...

I really appreciate what you guys are doing. Your systematic theology bloggings are helping struggling theology student like me. I'm now thinking of systematic theology blog viewed from particular perspective.

Congratulations! And yes the more the better.

Ben Myers said...

Good work, Patrik -- an excellent series. And I was also going to point out that Weekend Fisher beat you to it!