Sunday, August 06, 2006

Sci-Fi Theology

This is not what it looks like, but I'm actually going to link Sci-Fi theology a second time in the same week... The reason is pretty obvious, Alex has a post on Isaac of Nineveh, whom I spend my days studying.

Most of it is wrong, of course, bu it will have to suffice untill my book is published in 2008... ;)


Alex Thompson said...

Patrik, you've raised an interesting concern. I would not be surprised if my post is factually weak but i believe it is: a) contributed to the blogsphere in a spirit Isaac would have approved of, and b) is a product of the serious lack of quality resources. It's going to be great when your thesis is done, Isaac seems like such a fascinating character who deserved to recieve his proper scholarly due.

Patrik said...

Yes, I was joking of course, you post presents Isaac quite well. Of course I hope to add a few things to our knowledge of Isaac when my thesis is finished. Isaac is fascinating indeed.