Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Being busy.

That's what I have been the last weeks and what I will be this week. The rest of the ecclesiology series will just have to wait.

This blog is usually low on personal content, but I'll tell you this: I am right now in "Sweden's Oxford" Lund, for a four-day patristics conference. I will present my research on Thursday, and its the first time I have done such a presentation to a wider audience that actually will know what I'm talking about. So I will have to concentrate on that for now.

Anyway, the theme of the conference is Eros and Agape - Benevolence, Love and Mysticism in the Early Church. If there are any papers that particularly catch my ear I may give you some short reviews. So far I can only say this: Lund is a very nice little town, With lots of Used Book Shops and small streets to loose you orientation in. Highly recommended!

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