Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Firefox Extensions for Blogging

OK, this is off-topic, but I just thought I'd share some tips in case someone out there hasn't found out about these. Firefox really is an amazing browser, and by adding extensions you can make it do almost anything. Here are a few I find useful.

First of all, Spellbound is an absolute must! It is a spellchecker that works inside any text box  you write in on the web. Yes, including those that you write your blog posts in. Actually I found this only yesterday, but expect my texts to be a bit less irritating in the future. (Isn't a bit ironic, though, how the word "blog" is always considered erroneous?) There are loads of free dictionaries available too.

I'm currently trying out the Performancing for Firefox, a text editor for blogging. The idea is that you can have a window on your lower half of the firefox window and write you posts in that. Compared to bloggers built in editor it is great, much faster. I have had some problems with it so far though, it seems it has difficulty to connect to the blogger server. Anyway, it is well worth checking out. (HT: connexions)

Finally there is a great little extension that lets you create an HTML link from a page with a mouse click, and then paste it anywhere you want to. Very useful.

Of course, there are several reader extensions for Firefox, but I haven't been too impressed with any of the one's I have tried.

Any more tips, anyone?


Rev Sam said...

transformed my reading of blogs; makes my own blogging much swifter, when I read something I want to comment on.

Rev Sam said...

How annoying - the HTML on that previous comment has gone screwy. The first link is to 'Sage', the second link is to 'Just Blog It'