Saturday, January 13, 2007

Best Contemporary Theology Meme Update

The Nominations keep coming in (117 at the latest count). A potential problem has occurred to me.

My plan was to have the vote happen so that everyone can vote for as many titles as she or he wants to (maybe a maximum of 20 or so). The problem is that several writers have more than one work nominated. This could lead to several problems, either that a writer looses out because votes are split between several works, or than one writer gets to much attention because of several titles in the list.

This problem could be solved in a few ways. On possibility is a pre-vote where the we vote on which title of these writes will go on the official list we vote on.

Another way would be to say that one writer can only have one title on the final list, so the title with the most votes will go on even if another title would have more votes than a different title by another writer.

Any suggestions?


Michael Joseph said...


I think your idea of preliminary round would be a good one. Have just those theologians who have multiple works nominated in this round and we could vote for which particular work we would like to move on to the main round(s) of voting.

The Miner said...

Agreed. One work per author as voted on in a preliminary round so that we avoid the issue of authors getting over or under weighted on the list.

Did you say how many you were thinking of restricting the total to?

Patrik said...

I have not decided yet. Between twenty and thirty I should think, but I will decide once I see how the voting falls out. Usually in these kinds of votes there tend to be a group that gets a lot more votes than the others, and I will draw the line where I see it as most useful. I will publish the whole list, though.