Saturday, January 20, 2007

Keep those votes coming!

Man, this is fun! About fourty people have voted so far, and right now, three title share the top spot, and these three seem to be pulling away from the rest. I won't tell you which titles these are, it would affect the result of the vote.

Right now, the votes indicate that about ten titles seem to be more popular than the rest. But the more votes we have coming in, the more titles will pull ahead, so we can make the list a bit longer. I'd like the final version of of the list to have 20-25 titles on it, so keep spreading the word that the vote is open!

The voting takes place here.


byron said...

When are you going to close the polls?

Patrik said...

I'm not sure, I had hoped for some more voters, but they do not seem to be coming... I guess I'll close it within 24 hours unless something happens, such as one of the high profile blogs linking or something... ;)