Sunday, May 27, 2007

Theology Blogs reaches 100 listed blogs

My other blog, Theology Blogs now lists 100 blogs that deal with theology. Not bad, huh? I bet there are some that you have missed!


Sandalstraps said...

While I don't consider my blog to be a topical blog, it certainly does cover theology.

I wonder, is it a theology blog?

What makes a theology blog a theology blog, anyway?

monica said...

tack så mycket patrik. Det känns riktigt bra att få börja arbeta med SBFU!!

Patrik said...

Chose any criteria you want!

Steve Hayes said...

I urge you to list your blogs on MyBlogLog and to put the widget in the sidebar. If you tag them "theology", it will make them easier to find.

And if all the 100 blogs listed in Theology Blogs did the same, it would be better still!

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