Thursday, June 07, 2007

Female Theology Bloggers

I have from time to time commented on how few women feel the need to blog on theology, especially when it is time to create a list of some kind. Well Michael L. Westmoreland-White has gathered together a list of the actually-not-so-few exceptions.


Edward T. Babinski said...

Speaking of female's and theology, there are also women who were devout Christians, ministers, and/or theologians, who went on to "debunked" their former beliefs in print and/or in film. Click here and here.

But actually, I just wanted to say hello to you, creator of such a literate blog featuring such an interesting theological point of view. I would like to hear more about your own "fanatical" years, and how you got to where you are presently at, theologically speaking. All very interesting stuff to me. (Compare my online works, "The Uniqueness of the Christian Experience," and, "If It Wasn't For Agnosticism, I Wouldn't Know WHAT to Believe." I'm also into music, writing songs, rock and other styles, fingerstyle guitar.


Edward T. Babinski

Justin Halter said...

Ed, that blog is just an advertisement. Also, their stories only vindicate the traditional exclusion of women from Christian leadership positions. Maybe there was a reason the Lord only had men among his apostles?

Anonymous said...

Really? Just an advertisement? That's all? Interesting point of view. What is it advertising? I think you should take a closer look.