Monday, August 13, 2007

Direct Action against SUV's

A new activist group in Stockholm has today been able to publish an article in one of Sweden's biggest newspapers about why they go around letting the air out of the tires of big 4WD's in the inner city.

A great initiative if you ask me. I would join the group (they call themselves "Asfaltdjungelns Indianer" (a bit difficult to translate that one - asfalt jungle native americans?) if I had the courage.

The article in swedish is here.


Anthony Paul Smith said...

How about "The Indigenous of the Asphalt Jungle"?

Patrik said...

Yeah, but it doesn't have the same connotations. In swedish it sounds like a combination of Urban slang and a book for young boys...

Jukka Hellen said...

What kind of cars should the environmental activists use that work on a daily basis in the forests? Yes, I know that many SUV's are bought to enlarge some body parts but do they have to empty the tires on all of them? Start with those that have low profile tires :)

Maybe there aren't that many environmental workers in Östermalm but perhaps some SUV owners are just visiting. In Russia they drive Lada's in places where it would be impossible even for SUV's so you really don't have to own a SUV if you work in the forests but it can sure help you a lot.

How environmental friendly are these Google servers that are keeping this blog site up? How much does the manufacturing process of these servers pollute? Shouldn't the Indians go there and pull the plugs ;)

"first take the log out of your own eye, and then you will see clearly to take the speck out of your brother's eye" ;)

- Landcruiser owner
- Forestry Engineer

PS. Someone should go and empty this Lada's tires also.