Tuesday, May 12, 2009

More on the Monstrosity of ZIzek

Adam Kotsko of An und für sich do not see what my problem is with Zizek's position in The Monstrosity of Christ. Adam clearly knows much more than me about Zizek, so it might just be me who do not understand Zizek, or (more likely) that this is what Zizek always have been saying.

My point is simply this: The way I read Zizek's response to Milbank is as an attempt to show that even though he finds some aspects of Christianity interesting (The death of God as a basis for Athesim), he really has no interest in ledning his support to theological projects of other kinds. He simplt isn't interested in love as Christianity understands it, in redemption and so on. It seems to me he wants to make clear how far away he is from any more properly Christian position on ethics, on community or on a vision of a good society. In seeking to avoid the "disgusting proximity" of other humans, Zizek effectively and completely rejects the idea of Church.

In short: I read him as saying: "Fu*k off stupid theologians stop bothering me".

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Anonymous said...

I am putting together a volume of essays very critical of Zizek's work. If you are interested in writing a critique of what Zizek misunderstands in Christianity, it would be a most welcome addition. The volume will be published by Wipf and Stock. The deadline for submission is August 2010.
All the best,
marko zlomislic