Friday, February 25, 2011

Blog closed

I have decided to finally retire this blog - my way of thinking hase moved so much since when I was active writing it that I do not really want to associate myself with what I wrote four years ago anymore. I might delete it soon.

I have started a new blog at my University's site. There I will comment on reading and write about what I publish and so on. If you want to, head over.


Anonymous said...

Hi Patrik, I just discovered your blog and am overwhelmed with the amount of information and insight presented here. As a fledgling student and young person desperately looking for theological thought perspective, I ask that you please don't delete your blog - your thoughts and observations are valuable to many even if you find yourself wanting to disassociate from your previous perspectives.

Anonymous said...

Always enjoyed your blog and have subscribed to the new one.

How has your thinking changed? No more Tillich?


Patrik said...

Aaron, well, almost. Or let's say I have put Tillich on hold for the moment. No, I still think there is some worthwhile stuff in his thinking, but basically I have come to feel that his approach to theology is problematical today - We as culture no longer have the skills in speaking the Christian language he essentially presupposes. Thus his translation to our untrained ears sonds to much like secular culture.

I still think he is massively misread though. Someone should try to do a Barthian reading of him. It sounds absurd, I know, because they were perceived as antithetical at the time (not the least by Barth). But somehow I think he is actually closer to Barth than many of his followers.

Anonymous said...

Interesting thoughts. I'll see you over at your other blog.

Any thoughts on Gianni Vattimo?


Arne Bachmann said...

Hey Patrik,
I used to contact you many years ago for my first term papaer which was on Tillich. I still read Tillich every now and then but I think I am kind of ambivalent towards Tillich. I like his openess, his willingness to write about all aspects of life. But on the other hand I find his metaphysical overtones a bit outdated (God is being itself etc.)
But just now I need to prepare a workshop about Christianity and Culture and Tillich is almost the only thinker that comes to my mind who did a thorough analysis of Culuture, Art and their connection to theology. And I thought about your series about Theology of Indie arts.
I would strongly suggest that you not delete your blog. I still like it and use it as a ressource and isn't it interesting to look back at your intelectual journey and see where you've been a few years ago? The third argument would be: if you would one day become a world renowed theologian than this blog yould make it easier for you biographer to reconstruct your "early years" :-D

Arne Bachmann said...
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joevv said...

why delete pictures of old thoughts