Tuesday, April 10, 2007


the Muse B-side I stole the name for my blog from, "God of a Shrinking Universe", is used in the trailer of the new zombie-flick 28 weeks later... Wonder what kind of impact that will have on my google hits.

Didn't like the first one very much. But its a good song.


vassilip said...

dear Patric

i would say that universe is not shrinking, nor expanding
since the whole creation is nothing but a manifestation of God's uncreated energy and that energy is beyond any quantitativeness

from our (finite) point of view universe is both shrinking and expanding seeing it as in Hebrew 12:26-29

let me add some useful "links":
-PG75, 201C (St.Kyrill of Alex.)
-ST.Maximus the Conf. "To Marinus", comment a'
-PG44, 69B...(St.Gregory of Nyssa)

all the best

Brian Robertson said...

Whatever the source, I love the title and, especially, the tag.