Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Thinking Blogger Awards

krister of theoblogia has awarded me a "Thinking blogger Award". Read his nice motivation here.

The honour involves naming a few other thinking bloggers. Easy! In no particular order:
  • Elizaphanian - Rev. Sam has not written that much lately (like me!) but if one goes a bit further back one will find insightful post on films, theology and Peak Oil. Lots of post on Peak Oil. He also has a deeply honest attitude to things that moves me deeply.
  • revolt in the desert - It's a very special blog and I have to admit that I read a lot less at it than I look, because Lawrence usually illustrates his posts with beautiful images, mostly paintings, that usually manages to kick me out of my usual lines of thought. Also, lots of good thoughts on Islam.
  • Sandalstraps' Sanctuary - Although Chris apparently plays Bela Fleck to his poor two-year old son, his blog is filled with thoughtful posts on theology, religion and politics.
  • On Journeying with those in Exile - Dan's blog is informed by his experience of life among the home-less, the drug addicts and the prostitutes on the streets of Vancouver. It makes his theology all the more relevant.


Sandalstraps said...

Thanks, Patrik.

Paul said...

I'll check out these links. But I must warn you that I too was nominated for this honor and am confident that my lofty sonnet "O Drear Dark Dream" contained in my 4-21 post titled "They Think; Therefore I Meme" proves with inexorable Cartesian logic or dualism or whatever that I am the worthiest nominee.

I think (so anyway); therefore I am (right, probably).

Paul "Profundis" Martin

Lawrence of Arabia said...

thank you very much...

and glad you enjoy the paintings.


Rev Sam said...

Thanks Patrik - should be a bit more content coming over the next few months, one or two of which you might like :)

dan said...


Thank you. I knew that you stopped by every now and again, I just wish you would share what you were thinking more often. By the way, your blog is one (of a few) that I read on a regular basis.

Grace and peace,


moritz said...

hey, i vas very happy that yu are from Finland..! taisit opiskella ruotsissa. congratulations