Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I am... Moltmann???

Well, I am shocked. Even though I "agreed" full with all the questions that involved "the ground of our being" even though they did not describe Tillich's thinking very well, I only managed to get more than 67% Tillich. Moltmann, well, he's ok I guess, I think it was the question of paedo-baptism that was decisive. The real shock is Augustine though, whom I admire tremeandously.

You scored as Jörgen Moltmann. The problem of evil is central to your
thought, and only a crucified God can show that God is not indifferent to
human suffering. Christian discipleship means identifying with suffering
but also anticipating the new creation of all things that God will bring

Jörgen Moltmann


Paul Tillich


Martin Luther


Friedrich Schleiermacher


John Calvin




Karl Barth


Jonathan Edwards


Charles Finney




You can find the quiz here.


Shane Clifton said...

I ended up with Schleiermacher high on my list (moltmann also on top). Perhaps i should be shocked - but i reckon pentecostals have an underlying affinity with his orientation to religious feelings - perhaps this proves it.

Looney said...

Am I a fundamentalist? Or just deluding myself?

Anselm 93%
John Calvin 87%
Martin Luther 80%
Jonathan Edwards 73%
Karl Barth 73%
Charles Finney 60%
Friedrich Schleiermacher 33%
Augustine 33%
J�rgen Moltmann 20%
Paul Tillich 13%

James said...

I'm a Multmann, too. Don't feel bad.

Skoegahom said...

I ended up as a Calvin and Luther's bearin' down on me...

John Calvin 80%
Martin Luther 73%
Anselm 73%
J?Moltmann 60%
Karl Barth 47%
Charles Finney 47%
Friedrich Schleiermacher 47%
Augustine 40%
Jonathan Edwards 33%
Paul Tillich 20%

What do you think the validity level of these quizes is? What I mean is what if I'm really a Luther, but two many deviations from the norm...

Patrik said...

Well, I think they're fun but that's it. For example, I thin Augustine was very mispresented in this post. He is one of my major influences, and still he was last on my list. The bias of the person maiking the quiz is showing pretty well, I think. But some indication of where one's at it gives I guess.

Aaron G said...

I came out as Anselm - with Luther and Barth way down on the bottom. Tillich and Moltman were competing with Anselm for my identity.

Patrik said...

Aaron, I must say I find that an interesting combination... :)

byron said...

Writing a well balanced quiz is hard work. There are many out there, but few decents ones.