Wednesday, May 31, 2006

New Feed and som Behind the Scene Changes

I have a weak spot for statistics (its a bit of original sin I inherited from my father who was a matematician), so I decided to "burn" my feed, using FeedBurner.
The new feed, which should be a bit prettier, can be found by clicking on that orange logo to the right. It should also be selected automatically.

Anyway, If you have subscribed to the old feed, you may not see this post, and should re-subscribe to the feed that has the adress:

This is also reason for the various repostings of old posts last night, btw. Sorry about that.


Aaron G said...

What is "Feed Burner"?

Patrik said...

It is a website that takes the feed from your site (atom on blogger) and modifes it so that it works in all kinds of feed-readers, and you can also make some small changes to the way it looks. The main advantage with feedburner is that you can get info on how many people subscribe to your blog (these readers may well be you most faithful readers, yet they do not show up witha site counter, because they do not visit your site).

It's still a bit new to me, so I can't relly say if it is worth it, because it was quite a bit of work to set up, actually.

Aaron G said...