Monday, September 18, 2006

The Mini MEme

Byron tagged me, so here goes.

A Piece of Art that you Love
Im not a art expert, byt I used to have this Kandinsky painting on my wall for a few years.
A Line in a Song or Line of Poetry that Reaches Your Core
Oh, that's a difficult one, many to choose from. Radiohead got many mantra-like lines that I tend to find very meaningful, maybe: "It's the devild way now, It's no way out. You can scream and you can shout. Because you have not been paying attention".

An Experience in Nature that was Really Special and/or Spiritual
I remember traveling through Finland by bus during a night many years ago. I was sleeping and the kind of half-awoke. It was a dawn of spectacular beauty, and every one else was sleeping. It was like it was a moment there just for me.

The Movie that Changed the Way you saw the World.
That's a tricky one. My strongest film-experiences tend to be about recognition rather than change. The Matrix, I guess, really made me into more or a rebel than I was before. Weird that.

A Piece of Music That Makes You Cry
Oh, many of the hymns sung at a special day in the liturgical year. There is a hosanna sung in Swedish speaking Churches on Advent, and one that (translated) says "the day has arrived, love is triumphant" sung on Christmas morning. Gets me every time. But I cry a lot in church.

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byron said...

Thanks Patrik for taking up the baton.

I love the Kandinsky!