Monday, September 11, 2006

Reading Tillich 6:Religious nationalism

The Old Testament certainly is full of Jewish nationalism, but it appears over and over as that against which the Old Testament fights. Religious nationalism is the mark of false prophets. The true prophets threaten Israel in the name of the God of justice who is able to reject his nation because of its injustice ... As the god of justice he is universal, and, if justice is violated, he rejects any claim on the basis of a special relation to his nation. The term "elected nation" is by no means an expression of national arrogance. To be elected includes the permanent threat of rejection and destruction and the demand to accept destruction in order to save the covenant of election. ... Empirically speaking there is no happy ending for the elected nation - or for the elected one of final revelation. But "empirically speaking" is not the prophetic form of speaking.
Systematic Theology I, 143.
On this day, I think I will let this stand without a comment.

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