Tuesday, September 19, 2006

Reading Tillich 11: Human Creativity

This is the background of what is called "human creativity". If creativity means "to bring the new into being", man is creative in every direction - with respect to himself and his world, with respect to being and with respect to meaning. However if creativity means "to bring into being that which had no being", then divine and human being differ sharply.
Systematic Theology I, 256.
A while back I wrote a couple of posts (I, II) on creativity, the latter based on Tillich but not on this quote. My point then, and this is what Tillich writes in this text too, is that the form of creation that involves "bringing into being that which had no being" is a very special form of creation and not the most important one for theology. The kind of creation Tillich describes as bringing the "new" into being is much more important, and here man and God is deeply related. In creativity both God and man finds identity, being and meaning. This is another important way to understand our existence.

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