Thursday, July 06, 2006

Aaron Ghiloni on Grief

Aaron has written five pieces on the topic of grief. Very interesting thoughts. Some quotes:

My mind immediately jumped to G.W. Bush’s suggestions that Americans get out and shop in the wake of 9/11 and promises to rebuild New Orleans before Katrina had even begun to subside.There is something deeply diseased about a society that tries to omit its humanity by considering grief a nuisance, mere ceremonialism that can be done away with.
I want to suggest that our society is unnerved by grief because we are a society that is mesmerized by control. Whether it is controlling birth rates, or controlling atoms, or controlling other societies, or even controlling calories…we are obsessed with having the power to micro-manage life. I want to suggest that our society is intimidated by grief because we are a society that unequivocally believes in the myth of progress. And thus, we are rarely capable of comprehending something as primitive and primal as grief.
Good stuff!

Here are the posts: Grief (i), Grief (ii), Loss of Grief (iii), Loss of Grief (iv), Loss of Griev (v).


Aaron G said...

Thank you Patrik!

Aaron G said...

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It's working now...thanks!