Saturday, July 08, 2006

Rahner is the winner of the bronze medal!

Ok, I admit I have no idea what medal Rahner receives in the picture, but he is now the official bronze medalist in the World Cup of Modern Systematic Theologians! He beat Jenson fairly easily, Jenson only managing to claim the consistency trophy with the slimmest of margins. Rahners won the most influential poll with a landslide, and the most creative clearly.

Rahner lost to Moltmann in the semi-final, after beating Jüngel and Torrance in the previous rounds, and winning his group clearly.

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Dr. John Switzer said...

Nice blog! Thought you'd like to know that the photo you have here is from March of 1979, when Rahner received the Marquette Discovery Award from the president of Marquette University.