Monday, July 10, 2006

Introducing "Theology Blogs"

A few posts back I threw out an idea about a blog that is basically a a listing of blogs about systematic theology. I got only positive feedback about the idea, so I went ahead and set up one. It is very basic so far, and may stay that way, we'll see. But you may now start submitting blogs to the listing. I haven't listed any other blogs than mine so far, I think the owners should decide if they want to be listed or not.

Defining systematic theology is no easy task, and traditions vary a great deal between different countries. I have written a first post, feel free to comment on it, (I would also appreciate if you would point out any grammatical errors and such, the first post will become an "about" post, that will stay relevant.

As I said, I'd appreciate if anyone wants to help out with this. I think I can handle the adding of new blogs myself, but If anyone wants to take the site further by introducing other features, I'll be happy to share the editorship.

Anyway, the url is:

Check it out! Add you sites, and of course, to get the whole thing going, I need your help to spread the word!


Michael Joseph said...


I went ahead and put a link to your new blog on TheoPhenomenon. Your new project will provide an excellent service to many. I'm looking forward to your progress.

Thom said...


I, too, am really excited about this project. Per Augustine, the web is always either gathering or scattering, and much more of the latter. Thanks ahead of time for the good work. Count me as a faithful reader/viewer/whatever it is that we do.