Saturday, July 01, 2006

World Cup Results Day 16

The first quarter-final of the World Cup for Modern Systematic Theologians resulted in a Victory for Jürgen Moltmann over Joseph Ratzinger with 18 votes against 8.

Tounament Brackets.


Scott Paeth said...

Phew! That's going to make my vote in the Moltmann v. Rahner match a tough one. But in the end I always root for Moltmann!

dan said...

If only we had voted through comments in Ratzinger vs. Gutierrez.

Regardless, I think this result (unfortunately?) vindicates my comments on your prior post.

byron said...

Unfortunately, I'll be away for the next week and mightn't have access to the net. If you'll let me, I'd love to vote for Gunton over Jenson and for Balthasar over Pannenberg (and for Moltmann over Rahner if it comes to that before I get back). I could and would love to give reasons in each case, but need to fly now and so don't have the opportunity. Totally understand if this 'vote' doesn't count.

hewson said...
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