Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Ethics quiz

Quizzes are fun, aren't they? Here's one on ethics. I'm so absurdly bad at ethics that I have no idea if I should be happy with my result or not. Man, I really ought to take some of those undergrad classes again. The descriptions of the various philosophers seem a bit dodgy, though (see for example Nietzsche), so I don't know how accurate the quiz is... Still, good, if a bit nerdy, fun. (HT: Klippt och Skuret)

1. Aquinas (100%) Click here for info
2. St. Augustine (89%) Click here for info
3. Kant (73%) Click here for info
4. Jean-Paul Sartre (73%) Click here for info
5. Spinoza (66%) Click here for info
6. Aristotle (61%) Click here for info
7. Ockham (60%) Click here for info
8. Stoics (60%) Click here for info
9. Ayn Rand (59%) Click here for info
10. John Stuart Mill (59%) Click here for info
11. Jeremy Bentham (51%) Click here for info
12. Nel Noddings (49%) Click here for info
13. Nietzsche (49%) Click here for info
14. Plato (48%) Click here for info
15. Cynics (41%) Click here for info
16. Prescriptivism (38%) Click here for info
17. David Hume (35%) Click here for info
18. Epicureans (31%) Click here for info
19. Thomas Hobbes (12%) Click here for info


One of Freedom said...

Both my wife and I did this one. I came out 100% Aquinas and something like 98% Augustine. Sharon was the same on Aquinas, lower on Augustine but it was still second place. But Nietzsche was way higher on her list. Hobbes was my lowest. Neat poll.

byron said...

I too was 100% on Aquinas. I wonder if someone is pushing a barrow with this poll...
My Augustine was a little lower, can't remember what it was now.

One of Freedom said...

I've been doing a fair bit of study in Aquinas recently through a course on Grace and a course on Ecology. I know for certain that we diverge at certain points, but ethically there is likely a lot of common ground. The most fun part of this was the discussion on utilitariainism that broke out with my spouse and I after the poll.

Patrik said...

Oh dear, I'm not sure I could handle a discussion about utilitarianism with my wife...

Anonymous said...

I came out 100% Augustine. Aquinas was second. Hobbes was my lowest. So there is substantial similarity among those of us here - Although we probably are going to get a skewed result since I have a feeling theological bloggers represent a very particular demographic.

Utilitarianism and marriage don't mix well.

One of Freedom said...

Does utilitarianism mix well with anything? :-)

Patrik said...

Delusion, missing the point, manipulation... No disrespect to your wife, though. ;)