Wednesday, October 04, 2006

More Tillich Discussion

If me quoting Tillich in five out of six posts lately, here are a few more recent posts about Tillich's theology.

At Theology in the 3rd Millennium Steve Peterman has an interesting post on what he feels is an ontological mistake in Tillich's theology. I'm not sure about that, and I'll post my reply over there.

WTM has a whole little series of posts on Tillich here, here and here.

Finally, do not miss this excellent post by Joey de la Paz on Tillich and Mission.


WTM said...

Thanks for another link, Patrik.

BTW, I have something related to Tillich that I would like to discuss with you. But, I have no way of getting in touch with you except through this blog. E-mail me ( and we can converse.

Steve Petermann said...

Hi Patrik,

Thanks for the comment on registering. That is a pain. I found where I can turn that off and have done so.

Patrik said...

Steve, that's great, I'm sure you'll be getting lots more comments in the future.

Joey said...

Hi Patrik,

Thanks for the link. I never expect a link from here. The truth is i really like Tillich and I want to really read more of his works. That's why I closely follow your posts.Thanks again.