Sunday, October 08, 2006

Patrologia Graeca at Google books(?)

Mike Aquilina tells us that Google apparently has scanned Migne's Patrologia Graeca.

It seem to be true, even if I recently heard about someone planning to make the series available commercially. Those people must be pretty angry now. Anyway, I'm not sure how useful this is, since it seems to be impossible to find anything in it. As you know Migne is not the most well-organized work in existence, and it does not seem like Google has made the text searchable in any way. At least I can't get it to work.

Also, I'm not 100% sure they have actually scanned the lot of it. PG fills a fair-sized wall, and scanning that is not done in an afternoon.

The PG has its faults of course, but a lot of patristic texts are available nowhere else.

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o1mnikent said...

Logos Bible Software recently released for pre-order an electronic edition of Migne's Patrologia Graeca.

This version of the PG will be fully searchable, linked to English translations in Schaff's Early Church Fathers, and contain a number of other features that simply don't work with a simple pdf.