Sunday, June 11, 2006

Half Time Standings for Day 2

Group (Pseudo-Dionysios)
Moltmann is approaching a landslide victory over Cone with 14 - 2 so far.

In the other game Torrence has a minimal lead oven Sölle with 8 - 7. This one is still open!

Group Ephrem

Half time standings:

12 - 1 to von Balthasar over Congar


6 - 8 To Tracy over Boff

It seems Congars massive pneumatology is no match for von Balthasar's comments on Speyr's visions(?). It is interesting that von Balthasar is so popular in the English speaking world. It is my impression that his leaving the jesuits significantly diminshed is position in Europe...

Group Photius

Half way through the game the standings are:

12 - 5 to Jüngel


4 - 13 to Ratzinger

John Hick and Rosemary Radford Ruether ar far behind, but things can still turn around!

Keep voting!

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