Friday, June 09, 2006

World Cup Lineup and Groups

Thanks for all the nominations. Sadly all of the nominated theologians cannot make it to the competition, but then Finland never made it to the Fifa cup, either. I know that some of you will be disappointed that you favourite did not make it, (and that Hick did!), but that's just the way it is... Like fifa, I may be slightly evil, but I'm still in charge here.

Blogger is, as you know, in a bad way, so I am unsure of what this will be like. I hope they clear up the problems soon. Anyway: here are the eight groups for the first round in the tournament. I used some very high tech random generators to create the groups, though I ranked some participants to make it more exciting.

I think we will see some very exciting matches already in the first round! Tomorrow, God and Bloggers servers willing, it all begins!

Group Augustine
Paul Tillich
John Howard Yoder
Colin Gunton
Walter Kasper

Group Basileios
Karl Rahner
Reinhold Niebuhr
Anders Nygren
Mary Daly

Group Clemens
Wolfhart Pannenberg
Henri Lubac
Emil Brunner
Gerhard Ebeling

Group (Pseudo)-Dionysios
Jürgen Moltmann
James Cone
T. F. Torrance
Dorothee Sölle

Group Ephraim
Hans Urs von Balthasar
Yves Congar
Leonardo Boff
David Tracy

Group Photius
Ebehard Jüngel
John Hick
Rosemary Radford Ruether
Joseph Ratzinger

Group Gregory
Hans Küng
Gustavo Gutierrez
Edward Schillebeeckx
John Zizioulas

Group Hilary
Robert W. Jenson
Vladimir Lossky
Hans Frei
Sallie McFague


Tanning Lotion said...

It will soon be Finland's year.

byron said...

I'm bursting with excitement - how will the rounds work?

(Though also disappointed that no Aussies made it - oh well, guess I'll just have to support our theologians of the round ball...)

One of Freedom said...

Let the games begin!

joshua said...

in keeping with world cup speculation, is there a group of death in this competition?
i think the augustine, gregory, and ephraim are particularly strong

Patrick McManus said...

I am very pleased to see that Hans Frei has made it, but he's up against big competition in his group with Jenson there and all...although he's got Lossky and McFague beat hands down!

Thanks Patrik!

Skoegahom said...

Were my entrants too late to get into the tournament?

Anonymous said...

With PT Forsyth failing to make the final cut, I almost feel like giving up and just waiting for the rugby to start again. Not that there aren't other worthy teams to cheer for. Blow that whistle boy! Let's begin this game.