Friday, June 09, 2006

World Cup: Rules and Instructions

I'll post the first few matches shortly. Here is how it will work.

Each match will be active for about 24 hours. I'm sorry that I can't promise to be more exact than that, but I have other things to do, too. I will not close a game before 8 p.m. (20.00) Eastern European Time (GMT+2) the day after it has opened. It will be possible to vote until I officially close the match. After this you can comment the game, but not add more votes.

You can vote on each game one time. At least in the group game, voting will be in comments, so I have no way to be 100% sure you're not cheating. Anonymous votes will not be counted. (So if you want to try to cheat, at least you have to think of an alias.)

I will vote first, to give an example. When you vote, give your vote first for all the matches in the post, in the right order, and then give whatever comment you want to add. You may only vote once, but you may give you best argument for why one should vote for one or the other contestant. Keep it civil, though. You can also chose to vote only on one of the matches.

In the group game, the winner gets three points, the looser none, and a tie gives one point each to both contestants. The "goal difference" may be crucial, not only in the group game, but these will be used to decide who is the winner in ties later in the game. (Not that ties will be very likely...)

You may base your vote on whatever criteria you like. I doubt anyone is familiar with all 32 contestants, but this may be a good opportunity to broaden your knowledge of 20th century theology.

Let the games begin!

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