Saturday, June 17, 2006

World Cup Results Day 8

The two first groups have finished the group tournament. From now on we will now who will leave the tournament, and who will continue the battle for Number One.

In Group Augustine Gunton beat Tillich and managed to win the group. Tillich gets second place and stays in the tournament, but may get tough competition in the next game.

Group Augustine
Final Results:
Paul Tillich - Colin Gunton 10 - 22
John Howard Yoder - Walter Kasper 18 - 13

Group Results:
Colin Gunton 9 +23
Paul Tillich 6 -5
John Howard Yoder 3 -1
Walter Kasper 0 -17

Group Basileios offered little surprise in the last round. Karl Rahner is joined by Niebuhr for the next round. Karl Rahner, arguably one of the theologians of the 20th century that have the most contributed to the increased importance of mysticism in theology showed the anti-mystic Nygren what's what.

Group Basileios
Final Results:
Karl Rahner - Anders Nygren 27 - 3
Reinhold Niebuhr - Mary Daly 25 - 6

Group Results:
Karl Rahner 9 +50
Reinhold Niebuhr 6 +15
Anders Nygren 3 -30
Mary Daly 0 -45

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