Saturday, June 17, 2006

Round 3: Group (Pseudo)-Dionysios

Moltmann and Torrence fight today for the first place in the group, a place that may prove crucial in the next round. Sölle and Cone will probably take some time to discuss their various experiences of fighting oppression and political theology.


One of Freedom said...

Much better matchups for my two favourites! (Moltmann and Sölle).

Pontificator said...

I'm going with Torrance. Moltmann is a lot of fun, but I don't think he has the substance and depth Torrance has.

One of Freedom said...

Wow. I think Moltmann will be around long after the others are forgotten. The man is a poet and has the most amazing way of bringing voices together into a conversation in his works. Then again I haven't read Torrence yet, this contest has introduced me to a lot of theologians I'd like to check out.