Saturday, June 10, 2006

World Cup Results Day 1

The results from the first day of the World Cup for Modern Systematic Theologians are in. There were a couple of really tight games, and the Pannenberg vs. Henri de Lubac game was todays most exciting, with Pannenberg stealing the victory with only one votes margin. Today's surprise (maybe) was the old Swedish anti-metaphysic Nygren's victory over Mary Daly. Maybe she tried to refuse to let him into her stadium, eh? Today's landslide was Rahner, beating Reinhold Niebuhr 13 to one.

The results for day 1:

Group Augustine:
10 - 8 Winner Paul Tillich

12 - 5 Winner Colin Gunton

Group Standings:
Colin Gunton 3 +7
Paul Tillich 3 +2
John Howard Yoder 0 -2
Walter Kasper 0 -7

Group Basileios:
13 - 1 Winner Karl Rahner

7 - 5 Winner Anders Nygren

Group Standings:
Karl Rahner 3 +12
Anders Nygren 3 +2
Mary Daly 0 -2
Reinhold Niebuhr 0 -12

Group Clemens:
9 - 8 Winner Pannenberg

7 - 10 Winner Ebeling

Group standings:
Gerhard Ebeling 3 +3
Wolfhart Pannenberg 3 +1
Henri de Lubac 0 -1
Emil Brunner 0 -3

Voting has already begun for the next batch of games!


Shane Clifton said...

How does colin gunton beat anyone? I know it is bad form to speak ill of the dead, but has there ever been a worse interpreter of Augustine? I guess Kasper's recent critique of the anglican church's intention to ordain priests did not help at all, and he got what he deserves.

Andy Goodliff said...

Colin Gunton is a true trinitarian theologian, who shows why Western theology went so pear-shaped for so long (i.e. augustine!)