Thursday, June 29, 2006

World Cup Results Day 14

I doubt we will see two closer games than the two we had today! Jenson beat Tillich with the score 27-24 after running neck to neck for most of the game. The same was true for the Zizioulas - Gunton game, where Gunton only in the last hours managed to get those few extra votes he needed to beat the Metropolitan with 26-22.

This means that we will have at least one English-speaking theologian in the semi-final.

The last two games in the Round of 16 are on! Keep those votes coming!


Aaron G said...

I should have voted twice for Tillich!

Patrik said...

Yeah, a pity really, since he obviously is a much more important theologian than Jenson,even if he seems to be a bit "out" at the moment. Well, Based on how he did in the group game, I was surprised that he even came this close to the quarter-final.

byron said...

Hey, Ben on F&T has a picture of Gunton and Jenson together.