Monday, June 12, 2006

Round 2: Group Augustine

There was speculation after Round 1 in this group that Kasper's recent remark regarding the ordination of female bishops in the Anglican Communion cost him the victory against Colin Gunton. Let's see how he does against the "ecumenical sceptic" Paul Tillich.

For the second game in the Group we have two of the American contestants: Colin "the worst interpreter of Augustine ever" Gunton and John Howard "the mentor of Stanely Hauwerwas" Yoder. Yoder - and Kasper - have to score points in this game to have a chance at advancing from the group game.

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Gaunilo said...

Heh - I don't think I quite said "worst interpreter of Augustine ever." But I did rather like Kim's description of it as "heavy-handed."

But of course, Kim is absolutely right to insist he gets credit for his very real and significant contribution to C20 theology.