Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Waching The Tide Come In

Ok, now I am excited! No not byt the "World Cup" (keep those nominations coming!), well, that too, but by the blog by "Rev Sam": "Elizaphnanian - Watching the Tide Come In"

Like me Rev. Sam is a pessimist about the future of our civilization, but while I in this blog focus on how to think theology in this context, Sam focuses more on understanding the decline. He espcially focuses on the coming Oil Crisis (see also here, here and here for the only investment advice you will ever get from me), but there are loads of other posts on where we are goving economically, politically and environmentally. As well as lots of theological comments.

Spend an hour or two there and you will learn a lot. (Don't do it at work, like me, though...)


Rev Sam said...

I'm glad you like the site so much!

Patrik said...
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Patrik said...

Yeah, it complements what I try to do here really well, IMO. Also, you mention "the Cronicles of Tomas Covenant" in you profile, which is one of the strongest reading experiences I have ever had... One should write a study on them.