Monday, June 26, 2006

World Cup: Round of 16 begins!

In a few hours time I will be posting the two first games in the Round of 16 of the World Cup of Modern Systematic Theologians. Since these match-ups are based upon how the contestants did in the group game, some of the games may be quite easy to predict, but others will be very tight! And from now on the contestants will have no second chances: on loss and you're out of the tournament.

You will be able to follow how the endgame proceeds here, and you can still enter your own prediction of how the endgame will go for a few more hours (more about that here).

For the round of 16 I will post two games a day, and the voting will work as before. May the best man (sigh!) win!

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John P. said...

in honor of the women who have been eliminated...i have begun a series on who i deem the most influential women of the christian tradition were/are.

once again, thanks for the brilliant idea of having a world cup of has been quite entertaining.