Tuesday, June 13, 2006

World Cup Results Day 4

Round two of the World cup kicked off today with Groups Augustine and Basileios. There were some fairly even games, especially the one between Tillich and Kasper, where Kasper had a good lead early on in the game, but Tillich managed to turn the game around and win rather comfortably. Karl Rahner completelty crushed Mary Daly. In Group Augustine it is already clear that Tillich and Gunton will proceed to the next round, but it can become crucial which of them wins the group, since that will decide who they will meet. In Group Basileios only Rahner can be sure of his place in the end game - all other contestants, including Daly, has the chance to go further.

Group Augustine
Final Results:
Paul Tillich - Walter Kasper 15 - 10
Colin Gunton - John Howard Yoder 15 - 11

Group Standings:
Colin Gunton 6 +11
Paul Tillich 6 +7
John Howard Yoder 0 -6
Walter Kasper 0 -12

Group Basileios

Final Results:
Karl Rahner - Mary Daly 25 - 1
Anders Nygren - Reinhold Niebuhr 9 - 17

Group Standings:
Karl Rahner 6 +36
Reinhold Niebuhr 3 -4
Anders Nygren 3 -6
Mary Daly 0 -26

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