Thursday, June 22, 2006

World Cup: Brackets and call for predictions!

Yes, I am still busy, and the round of 16 will not start untill Monday. In the mean time do check out the brackets for the rest of the Tournament! Aren't they nice? Isn't absolutely super-cool that Ratzinger will face Gutierrez in the first round?

What is even cooler is this nifty "predict it" feature that is built into the bracket software. This means that you can now go and predict how the tournament will go, in a very cool and easy way. And then we will se who got closest! To be able to predict you have to registrate with that site (yeah, bummer), but it is easy and they don't spam. However, since they will show the e-mail address you need to provide, you may not want to use you "main" e-mail account.

And how about we make it even a bit more interesting by throwing some bets? Since the hard currency of the blogosphere is links, why don't we pledge that everyone that takes part in the prediction, will link to the person who did the best predictions, in a post saying how nice, clever and cool their blog is, in you own words? (Of course you can predict even if you do not have a blog.)

Of course, the regular voting will take place here as usual, and anyone can participate in that.


Michael said...

Dismay! Doesn't Barth play soccer?

Patrik said...


Aaron G said...

Tillich's low (15th) ranking is far below his potential.

byron said...

Looks like Moltmann is firm fav from the predictions so far.