Wednesday, June 28, 2006

World Cup Results Day 13

After yesterday's commotion, today's matches have been refreshingly clean and untroubled. There are more people voting today than any day before, and maybe some more voting in the game with a catholic in it, but then again, Rahner was no member of the Ratzinger fan club.

The Jüngel - Niebuhr game was really even, but Jüngel won with 25 - 20. The Rahner - Torrance game was unsurprisingly more clear, with Rahner winnig with 34 - 17. Two - nil to the Germans then.

As the brackets show, Jüngel and Rahner will meet in the second quarter-final.

The next two games are on! Both look extremely even at the moment. Gunton and Zizioulas are comletele neck to neck, and Tillich is just one vote behind this Jenson-fellow.

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