Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Round 2: Group Clemens

This looks to be the most even group so far. Ebeling and Panneberg are ahead, but they won the first games with very little margin. De Lubac and Brunner are by no means out of the game yet. It will be all the more interesting to see which of the two Lutheran giants will make it in this game:

Brunner and de Lubac both lost there first games, which means this will be a crucial game for them. The loser can start to pack his bags, the winner still have a shot at advancing.


Pontificator said...

I have to go with de Lubac here. No question. His books on the supernatural and grace are decisive for contemporary reflection. And I am eagerly awaiting the publication of the English translation of his book on the mystical body of Christ. He was a 20th century giant.

Stijn said...

Not to mention de Lubac's brilliant four-volume book on (the theology behind) medieval exegesis: Still the best book on the subject.
One of the very great of the century.

Gaunilo said...

Brunner is beating de Lubac? Incomprehensible. I think we need to talk to Patrik about fixing these votes, because clearly people aren't voting right.

One of Freedom said...

It's a good race anyway. I am pulling for Brunner, but really neither of these guys have hit my radar screen before this.

Gaunilo said...

I didn't realize Corpus Mysticum was being translated. Finally!

I'm gratified to see Lubac is now beating Brunner.

Patrick McManus said...

Although I cut my theological teeth reading Brunner's three volume systematics, as well as his Truth as Encounter, I have to go with de Lubac here.

The renewed interest in Thomas studies (Pesch, Burrell, Rogers, etc) rests on the shoulders of the work done by de Lubac and his peers of La Nouvelle Theologie. One cannot understand the relationship between nature and grace along Thomistic lines without reading de Lubac's Mystery of the Supernatural.

I really do appreciate some of Brunner's work but he couldn't hold a candle to Barth and he's outshone here as well!