Monday, June 12, 2006

World Cup Results Day 3

Focus was on Group Gregory today. Two Western Europeans were up against competition coming from outside the traditional academical tradition of theology. And both lost: Küng to Gutierrez extremely narrowly, while Schillebeeckx to the amazement of many lost big to John Zizioulas.

In Group Hilary, Jenson and Frei both ended up winning comfortably.

Group Gregory
Final Results:
Hans Küng - Gustavo Gutierrez 14 - 15
Edward Schillebeeckx - John Zizioulas 9 - 20

Group Standings:
John Zizioulas 3 +11
Gustavo Gutierrez 3 +1
Hans Küng 0 -1
Edward Schillebeeckx 0 -11

Group Hilary
Final Results:
Robert W. Jenson - Vladimir Lossky 25 - 5
Hans Frei - Sallie McFague 25 - 5

Group Standings:
Hans Frei 3 +20
Robert W. Jenson 3 +20
Sallie McFague 0 -20
Vladimir Lossky 0 -20

In general, I think this tournament needs more non-english speakers participating in the tournament... Spread the word!


Aaron G said...

Wow...the Küng-Gutierrez match was close! I do hope that Küng makes it into round 2.

Eduardo said...

Hey, I'm Paraguayan, and a Spanish speaker!

Patrik said...

I know, it is just that there is (at the moment) 88.66 percent English speakers visiting this site. That might cause a certain bias!

Eduardo said...

Patrik: I understand your concern. However, I would sugest that you should not pay too much attention to matters of bias. Better than having non-English speakers represented, the main question would be that the best theologian sould win, regardless of ethnicity or sex (yes, I mean sex, not that untractable construction known as 'gender'), or nationality, or...

Patrik said...

Yeah, but the problem is that it seems that the english speakers of the world seem to think that von Balthasar is more important than Rahner for example. What do we do about that?

Also as this tournament is going it seems as a large part of what is meant by being a good theologian is to be male and white! ;) But I think we may have a good chance to see a female winner tomorrow!

Eduardo said...

Well, I am not a native English speaker but still I feel that von Balthasar is far more interesting (and better) than Rahner, who looks just like a rehashed Heidegger to me.

About the thing about being white and male, I don't care. I would like to vote for those theologians who do great theology, regardless of any anatomical or genetic differences.

As for a great female theologian who didn't make it, let me suggest you to read Nancy Bedford, currently teaching at Garrett-Evangelical Theological Seminary (in Chicago, IIRC). She is a Th.D. from Tübingen who studied under Moltmann, she is from Argentina, and a theologian who gets all my respect.

The gist of the question is: race, sex, nationality... are moot (Gal. 3:28 here?). Show me the theology, not your chromosomes or your skin!

Eduardo said...

Now, if we are going to really begin to discuss about some "theological" differences between Anglo-Saxons (Anglo Americans/Australians, that is) and other, more "Continental" types, what I see is that Anglo-Saxons usually delve more into Biblical and post-modern (narrative, feminist, liberation) theologies. It is hard to find an universally recognized Anglo-American theologian who does dogmatics, a la Moltmann, Pannenberg, or Thielicke.