Friday, June 30, 2006

World Cup Results Day 15

He last two games of the Round of 16 have finished, in spite of technical difficulties at blogflux who hosts the polls.

The two favorites prooved victorious, von Balthasar beating de Lubac 29-11 and Pannenberg beating Frei 31 -10.

Since the voting in the quartefinals is done by comments, the fact that to polls do not work very well is of less importance.

Tounament Brackets


margaretha said...

Hi Patrik
Please, does the "map" of this contest work correctly? I have already voted quite a few times in the previous rounds, but I have only once seen a little flag sticking out from South Africa! (sob, sniff....)I have written a comment for the latest voting, and it has appeared, thank you. But where's my lonely little flag from Africa...?

byron said...

margaretha, not all votes appear as flags - something to do with how your connection is configured and how much information it automatically gives to anything that asks it. (As you can see - I'm no expert!)

byron said...

I might have missed something, but it seems to me that the basic trend in the round of 16 was for German-speakers to defeat English speakers. The only exception was Jenson beating Tillich (just) - but even then, Tillich became a US citizen late in life.