Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Round of 16: Jenson vs. Tillich

Robert W. Jenson is an American Lutheran theolgian, that has written several books an various topics. He has a great ecumenical interest and is the co-founder of the Center for Catholic and Evangelical Theology. His magnum opus is a two volume Systematic Theology.

Jenson meets another Lutheran, German in origin, but who lived in the USA for most of his carreer, Paul Tillich. Without a doubt the most important theologian of the 20th century ;) Tillich's main concern was to create a language that made the Gospel accessable for modern men and women. This language has alianted some, but opened up the Christian tradition to others. His three volume Systematic Theology remains one of the most original treatments of the Christian doctrine. His special interest was the relationship between religion and culture.


Anonymous said...

I think the beard alone should get Jenson through to the next round!

One of Freedom said...

I don't know, that beard is a bit crazy. Maybe if he was an Eastern Orthodox theolog, but he's a Lutheran. I thought Lutherans were supposed to have the neatly trimmed beards :-)

What do I know, we Vineyardites all had ponytails for a while and now the look is a buzzed head with a goat! I'm working on a wacky beard myself to try and stay ahead of he curve!