Saturday, June 03, 2006

Princess Theology

There is an interesting discussion at Pentecostal Discussion on "Princess Theology", a (for me, anyway) new trend especially among Pentecostals to talk about believing women as princesses (daughters of the King, geddit?), and dress them up accordingly. Jacqui Grey's post and the following discussion offers interesting insights into this phenomenon.


Aaron G said...

Another popular image in Pentecostal circles is that of the woman as "Prayer Warrior." This is a much more assertive image than the flaccid princess.

In fact, one Pentecostal singer (Mickey Mangun) has a song called Prayer Warrior - “She's a prayer warrior down on her knees, Wrestling with power and principalities…”

Patrik said...

Eww... military language. That's even worse. Well, ok, it may be better than princess, but it is essentially taking a really bad male steretype and applying it to women. I'm not sure who benefits from that.

Military language is of course something that it is very hard to avoid under the pressure of tradition (see my google hit "Fighting Demons"), but we should at least avoid creating new violent images in religion.

Great rhyme though... :)

Looney said...

The young people in my church have been dilligently applying the following verse for their dress code:

"And they admitted that they were aliens and strangers on earth." - Hebrews 11:13